Friday, October 20, 2017

Drobo 5D RAID Storage Device Review

Drobo 5D gives you fast transfer speeds through Thunderbolt and USB 3.0.

One of the ways we communicate with our audience is through video. We write, produce, and finish videos frequently and have found that the standard storage options are actually sub-standard. If you are familiar with the world of video editing at all, you will know that files used for video editing are not small. There has been more than one occasion where hard drives have failed on me – sometimes, right in the middle of a project. Needless to say, I do understand the importance of a data backup and a strong backup system. That’s why when I was originally introduced to Drobo, I was immediately intrigued and excited about what it does.
Since I was originally introduced to Drobo a few years ago, there have been some wonderful advances in drive speed and technologies. Now, one of the products that Drobo has available is the Drobo 5D, which allows for transfer through Thunderbolt and USB 3.0 technology.
BeyondRAIDFor those new to the redundant backup world, let me take a moment to explain why Drobo is so cool. To understand Drobo’s BeyondRAID system, you first have to understand what a RAID is. RAID stands for “redundant array of independent disks” and it’s a technology that was originally developed in the 1980s. RAID is a data storage technology that combines multiple physical disk drive components into a single unit for data redundancy. This provides the user with a system that is like a security blanket. You can store your files on it and not have to worry about a drive failure because if one drive fails, the others take up the slack so that you don’t lose your data. 
Drobo took traditional RAID technology and added a layer of virtualization that chooses the correct protection algorithm based on data availability needs at any given moment. BeyondRAID works at the block level so it can write data that alternates between RAID protection levels. BeyondRAID can also switch from a single to dual disk redundancy using the Drobo Dashboard software. If a drive fails, Drobo automatically re-lays out the data to remaining drives to return to a protected state. You will see by the photos in this article that the Drobo has many different indicator lights. The lights on the right side of the unit indicate the drive’s status. Green means it’s running properly and all systems are go. When a drive has failed, or has been ejected, the other drives flash an orange color until the system has been made right by replacing the bad or missing drive. Drobo made this light coding simple to understand and even includes a key on the inside of the case’s cover.
This BeyondRAID technology is the reason to have a Drobo. For a video editor, having the extreme amount of drive space combined with the redundant backup is the ideal set-up in my opinion. It gives you the freedom and security to work on what you need to and not have to worry about drive failure.
Backup Battery
One of the concerns you have with any hard drive or computer is power failure. We always make sure we have our computers or external hard drives plugged into a battery backup power strip. That way if there is a power surge or complete failure, your computer systems can be shutdown properly rather than abruptly. The engineers from Drobo took this into consideration when designing the 5D as they included the same internal battery that all Drobos have. This internal battery is used to keep the processor and memory working long enough to preserve your data before shutting off. This is a great feature of Drobos in general and something I really appreciate about the 5D.
Drobo 5D Features
Now that I’ve covered the basics about Drobos in general, I’d like to discuss why the 5D is so special. What makes the 5D so great is its transfer speed and its high capacity for storage. The 5D’s twin – the 5N – is a network Drobo, but the 5D isn’t. The 5D is meant to be an active, working drive. You connect to it through either Thunderbolt or USB 3.0 as I mentioned before. The latest generation of USB 3.0 has an incredible 5Gbps high-performance while the Thunderbolt connection boasts a hefty 10 Gbps performance speed. This is what makes the Drobo 5D ideal for video editing. One problem I’ve always had with video editing and external hard drives is that they don’t have a fast enough connection for real-time editing. The Drobo 5D does.
Along with its super fast transfer speeds, the Drobo 5D also has the option to house up to 30TB. There are five drive bays in the 5D and each can hold up to a 6TB hard drive. If you are considering using the 5D for video projects, 30TB will be more than enough for a working hard drive system. Something new with the 5D is that you have the option of using SSDs rather than standard desktop hard drive. This drive option gives you the opportunity to increase your overall performance even more. The 5D also has the inclusion of one mSATA solid state drive in the Drobo Accelerator Bay. The mSATA card helps to prioritize the system’s data and recognizes what files you access more often. The card then pulls those files to the front of the line (so to speak) as a time saver.
In addition to using the Drobo 5D has a working video editing drive, I’ve also used it as a standard archival device and moving files on and off of it is smooth and easy. With this in mind, Drobo also designed the 5D to work with the Apple Time Machine backup system so that you have a redundant system in place in the event of hard drive failure. The 5D also has an incredible software base in the Drobo Dashboard. This system makes it very easy to navigate through your Drobo and find the files you need quickly.
The Drobo 5D is a nice, desktop class backup system. It’s compact enough to keep it on your desk, but also built strong enough (the exterior case is metal) to be able to store it somewhere out-of-sight if you wish. One thing I would suggest is that you make sure wherever the Drobo is being stored is well ventilated. While the unit comes equipped with cooling fans, it does still generate quite a bit of energy and heat.
Drobo Care
I don’t know about you, but whenever I purchase a new Apple product, I make sure to get Apple Care on it. On more that one occasion the warranty provided through Apple has saved my well-being by them replacing phones. Well, Drobo has a similar warranty system in Drobo Care. It’s a great option to have Drobo’s tech support available to you in case issues occur.
The Drobo 5D is a a superior back-up system for the active user. There are other storage solutions out there from Drobo, but if you are looking for a system that runs side-by-side with your computer at blazing fast speeds, look no further than the 5D.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Tips To Capture Better Trail Camera Images

When you use a trail camera to monitor the movement of deer, small details can make a huge difference to the quality of the images. These tips to capture better trail camera images will help you to take better pictures and improve your chances of getting a trophy buck.

Hunting techniques have changed due to the use of game cameras. Modern trail cameras are packed with features, yet they are very easy to use. You can take your trail camera photography to the next level by following some simple guidelines. Let’s take a closer look at these tips to capture better trail camera images:

Monitor the wind direction

Trail cameras capture images of bucks occasionally. You may not be able to get photos every day, and this seems to happen without any discernable pattern. However, if you monitor the wind direction by positioning some flagging tape in the background of every camera position, you may be able to detect a pattern.

You may find that bucks don’t approach some camera locations unless the wind is blowing from a particular direction. The flags that can be seen in each frame make it easy for you to determine the wind direction that bucks seem to prefer. This also points towards the locations where you need to hunt.
Glare can ruin trail camera images

Your trail camera (for example: MOULTRIE M 1100I GAME CAMERA ) images can be ruined by glare, and this can happen regardless of the direction in which you point your camera. The glare may ruin your images at some time of the day.

You can avoid this problem by positioning your camera a little higher than normal on a stick or tree. Place your camera close to the height of your head and wedge a stick behind it to ensure that images will be taken at a downward angle.

This will help to ensure that the glare from the sun will not affect your camera and you will get great images.
Avoid mixing up your SD cards

If you have been using wild game cameras for a while, you may possess lots of SD cards that you use in multiple cameras. Keep track of your SD cards to ensure that you will not insert a card that contains images from one location into another camera.

To prevent this, use different portable cases for storing used SD cards and those that are meant to be carried to camera locations.

To avoid inserting a card from one camera into a different camera, keep blank SD cards face up and keep used cards face-down in a case. You can also use a permanent marker to number your cameras and SD cards.
Align your camera angle with the trail

If you align your camera angle with the trail, the motion sensors will have more time to trigger. This will improve your chances of capturing images of deer. The deer will walk within the range of the motion sensors for much longer instead of only crossing the field of view.

This will also improve your chances of capturing an image of the entire deer instead of only capturing its tail end.

However, this may not be the right approach if you are trying to cover a particular target such as a feeder or scrape.
Minimize your scent

A few simple steps can help you to reduce your scent, which can alarm the deer:
Check your deer cameras on rainy days because rain eliminates your scent.
Wear rubber boots when you visit your trail cameras.
Wear scent-free neoprene gloves while handling your hunting cameras.
Spray your game cams with a scent eliminator and wipe them with a clean towel. Make sure that the spray doesn’t get on the lens.
Record the coordinates of each trail camera

You can use a handheld GPS unit or your smartphone to record the coordinates of each of your trail cameras. This can be a big help if you like to hide your cameras and don’t visit them again for weeks.

The bushes keep growing and changing constantly, so these steps can help you to avoid losing an expensive trail camera.

You can load the coordinates into Google Earthand keep updating them all through the year. Google Earth acts as a powerful scouting tool, giving you a 3D-like view of the area. It can also help you to identify areas that have not been covered.
Set up cameras in remote areas

Bucks look for remote areas where there is lots of nutritious food and where human interference is limited. Yearlings and fawns also prefer undisturbed areas where there is plenty of food.

That’s why it makes senses to set up some cameras in areas that are far away from the beaten track.

If you happen to find an area like this, tread lightly and set up a few cameras to see if you can spot a good buck.
Use both time lapse and trail modes

First look for deer movements over a wide area. Use trail cameras that are capable of time-lapse photography to cover food plots, fields and other areas where deer are likely to be.

Set up cameras to capture images after every 10 or 20 seconds in the morning and evening. This may allow your batteries to last for weeks instead of days.

Once you have reviewed the time lapse images and found the routes that the deer are taking, you can set up regular trail cameras to get images of particular bucks that interest you.

These strategies will help you to identify areas where the best bucks stay and the routes they take. They will also improve your chances of getting a prize buck. Good luck!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Questions Men Have About Sex Addiction

1. Question: Am I a sex addict?

Answer: There are a number of red flags that can signal an addiction to sex. Someone who uses sex act be it trauma therapy, viewing pornography, phone sex, chat rooms, prostitution or masturbation as a numbing agent, some thing to stop them from feeling bad, may have sex addiction therapy NYC. Other signs that the sexual behavior is the reason for the enthusiast problems include their spouse becoming upset over their behavior or they've become debt over payment for phone sex lines or Internet porn sites. Spending an excessive period of time viewing pornography Over 10 hours every week is another red flag because this trauma therapist NYC is interfering with time spent with friends, family or at work.

Another key factor is that the addict has tried to quit engaging in trauma therapists NYC but failed. When all these things come together, it's time to ask a professional about getting aid.
trauma therapy

2. Question: Can I be treated?

Response: Many sex addicts have already been able to deliver their trauma psychologist NYC under control, through any one of many different treatment methods. Some attend intensive rehab facilities; others proceed to therapy sessions, attend 12 step meetings or utilize medication and a multitude of other techniques to control their porn addiction treatment. This can include finding a trusted person to act as an "accountability partner." Or for porn addicts, it may indicate the use of pornography blocking computer apps.

3. Question: Why does being cured mean that I give up sex?

Answer: No. Unlike chemical dependencies related to alcohol or drugs, sex is known as a healthy aspect of life. Treatment for sex addiction treatment NY, while it does demand a period of abstinence, seeks to attract harmful and undesirable troublesome intercourse under control to where it's no longer causing harm. It might lead to stopping viewing pornography, discontinuing solicitation of prostitutes and other "bottom line" behaviors or even illegal activities. The objective is stopping destructive behavior, but certainly sex addiction therapy.

4. Question: Is sex addiction treatment actual, or merely something people use to excuse their behavior?

Response: Truth be told, there are some experts who don't believe sex addiction is real and say it is more a product of contradictory social norms and mores. Other say sex addiction treatment NYC exists but don't feel it meets the definition of an addiction in precisely the identical way addiction to drugs or alcohol does. For sex addiction treatment looking for treatment, it may be a moot point. To get treatment, first one must recognize they have a problem and stop trying to use their willpower alone to restrain it. Lots of individuals have sought treatment for sex addiction therapist and reported results. A lot of the criticism about its validity has been aimed at celebrities embroiled in people sexual scandals and is hardly analogous to the average person not residing from the public eye. Sex addiction is real and one struggling with unwanted sexual anorexia behaviors can attest to that truth.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Discount Headphones - How To Buy Good Headphones For Less Money

While purchasing good headphones for sale, then you definitely want to go for low-cost without compromising the quality. Each penny or dollar that you save could be allotted to several crucial demands. This is why discount headphones for sale are very much in demand everywhere you go. However, just like any additional purchase that you make, you need to be patient and diligent to maintain a position to avail of good headphones for sale at a lesser cost.

Thus how do you just make a purchase for a great headset?
headphones for sale

Before you go about trying to find great MP3 players for sale at a lesser prices slashed, you need to recognize what sort of headphones are available in the market today.
- Earphone - Simple and most likely the best well known and employed among good cans, the humble earphone is relatively affordable and friendly if you are seeking earphones for sale that is easy on your budget Moreover, its port will fit into any mobile sound device such as your mp3 player or iPod.

- Nape earphones for sale - Also referred to as the "behind-your-neck" headset, this good MP3 players for sale kind would fit nicely on the ear with the support of this semi-elastic strap that "hugs" the back of your neck.

- Wireless earphones for sale - If you don't want the hassle of constantly managing the wires which "ordinary" great soundbars for sale possess then this one will be for you. When not being used, the sole task you have got to perform is plugged it into any socket. This also protects the soundbars for sale thus you can use it again particularly whilst you go out.

This headset is best for the home stereo system you own. This is surely ideal when you need to go to a solo sound trip at the comfort of your own home.

- Ear-clip soundbars for sale - This kind is secure after placed in the ear and also comfortable to boot. This is great for use during a workout and other tasks that require moderate movement.
When you're settled with what type of headset you require, you may then go on the search for great headphones. Discount headphones are anywhere available in the industry. You can search online and take a peek at some forums and read up on how people got discount cans. One more method is to look at some classified ads in your local newspaper or magazine.

You may be able to seek some discount soundbars for sale on sale there. Just as easy, you can drop by your local department store or mall for the occasional sale. You never know, discount headphones may be available. Also, ask your friends or people that you know if they have a few recommendation about where to shop for discount cans.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Sliding Gate Openers

This form of gate opener (for example: MIGHTY MULE 350 ) is designed in a manner that is slides. The gate is made in a way that is runs parallel with fence lines. This takes a small room and saves space .There are sliding gate openers that are made with a single operator. This is for the convenience of those who have a single gate. Gate owners who have two or a double gate will have to get each gate its own operator. Each gate will have to have its own operator that is separate from the other. This makes it easier to operate the double gate.

Swing gate openers

Swing gate openers have to be durable and powerful in order to be able to swing gates that are heavy. The advantage of swing gates is that they are quiet while opening and are repaired less frequently. Swing gates have less parts that move compared to sliding gates. The only disadvantage of swing gates is that they occupy a large area, therefore inconvenient. An area where there is a slope is also inconvenient for a swing gate. Any gate and its opener should be convenient to fit the needs of every user. Swing gates are appropriate for residential homes, but for business use where they need to be opened frequently; heavy swing gates are considered.

Dual gate openers

The dual gate openers are designed in manner that they are able to handle large double gates. The double gates are large and heavy and not any gate opener can open. The dual gate openers are designed according to the dimensions of the gate; the larger the gate the larger the dual gate opener. This makes it convenient for the user because both gates are opened at the same time The dual gate openers can also open one gate at a time For more convince, the dual gate opener can be automated to make it easier for the user to open and close the gate during bad weather conditions without getting in the harsh weather.

Electricity powered gate openers
This gate opener can be either a dual or sliding gate opener. The opener uses electricity to power it. The gate opener is designed in a manner that is strong enough to move very heavy gates that are opened and closed frequently .A certain amount of electric voltage is needed to open the gate. It is important for a user to know the number of times the gate will be opened; so as to know the type of electric gate opener to be used and the amount of power to be used Electric gate openers are more convenient because they are used to move the heaviest gate either swing, sliding, or dual gates.

Solar powered gate openers
This kind of gate opener is not very different from electric gate openers. They perform the same purpose as electric gate openers, but the only difference is that they use solar energy. Solar gate openers come in handy in a place where electricity is unavailable or areas where there are electric problems. These gate openers are easy to maintain and less expensive to install. Solar gate openers can be of a great disadvantage in poor weather conditions. This is because they need solar in order to charge and be able to operate. Solar powered gate openers can help to save on electricity because they can perform the same task electric gate openers perform.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Roofing contractor makes key appointments

A new roofing contractor manager, Andrew Atkinson who lives in Middlesbrough, brings with him 51 years’ experience in the industry.  He will be responsible for driving business expansion and acting as client interface on Roofclad’s contracts.

Tony Graham, of Greenside, Ryton, takes up the role of contracts manager, responsible for ordering materials and overseeing all projects on site.  He is no stranger to the industry, having spent 20 years working for Roofclad’s owner, David Tilley, in his former business where he began work in the industry as an operative. He is currently working on a number of projects, one being a re-roofing project at Robson & Cowan in Scots Gap.

Commenting on the appointments, director, Alex Tilley said:

“I am delighted to welcome Andrew and Tony to the team.  Both are highly skilled and well known in the industry and their experience will be invaluable as we expand Roofclad’s client base throughout the North of England.  We are also actively seeking additional staff to support our expansion plans including a graduate in a construction-related discipline as we seek to reinforce our position as one of the region’s leading specialists in the design and installation of roofing and cladding systems.”

Monday, March 6, 2017

Can I Claim That? The Business Owner’s Guide to Unexpected Write-Offs

The tax world is complex, and when it comes to write-offs there are a number of ways that smart businesses (with the help of their tax advisors) can make the tax law work in their favour.

We’ve rounded up 5 unexpected tax deductions we’ve seen pass with the Tax Courts in the past. Your business is unique, however, so be sure to work with your tax consultant to discuss what can work for you, and where you can save on your taxes this year.

1) Pet Expenses


There’s no denying that the cost of maintaining a pet can be expensive. While typically these costs are considered to be personal expenses, there have been cases where businesses have proven how vital their pets were to the business, and were able to have those expenses deducted from their taxes.
For example, a couple who owned a junkyard was allowed to write off the cost of cat food they set out to attract wild cats. The cats came for the food, but they also kept the property free of rats and snakes, making it safer for the customers.

As with any claim, be prepared to back it up with documentation and facts. Simply claiming Fido as your office guard dog is not likely to get you far.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength

WHEN I WAS WORKING at my first ‘real’ job my manager talked a lot about talent acquisition. I had very little insight into what that meant back then, but often wondered why there was such a sense of competition among managers when there were vacancies to fill in the organization. Thirty-plus years later I no longer wonder, because I know that the hiring and firing process can be a precarious walk across a tightrope, not a synchronized ballet. I think this is what attracted me to this book, Talent Mindset: The Business Owner’s Guide to Building Bench Strength by Stacy Feiner. If you’re a business owner, or if you are a leader with the responsibility for hiring talented individuals to work for you, this book is for you. Stacy’s book is about what it means to get into the talent mindset and really own it; she calls it Strategic Talent Management and refers to Bench Strength. .

Strategic Talent Management [STM] gives you agility to recruit, train, and develop top talent. When you make Strategic Talent Management a priority and build Bench Strength you will also be developing a high-performing team. STM is a system, but doesn’t require a specific sequence. There are nuggets of wisdom and practical application in every chapter so as you read, you can jump around focusing on the sections that speaks to the situation you want to tackle at that time. Think of this book as a field guide to overcoming barriers where you are right now, be it Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, or Talent Deployment. Which of those scenarios are your ‘pain points’? Start there.
Strategic Talent Management is your process — you own it. Once you implement STM, you will be hiring people who contribute their talents to your organization and as they develop and improve in competencies, they become your competitive edge.