Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Sliding Gate Openers

This form of gate opener (for example: MIGHTY MULE 350 ) is designed in a manner that is slides. The gate is made in a way that is runs parallel with fence lines. This takes a small room and saves space .There are sliding gate openers that are made with a single operator. This is for the convenience of those who have a single gate. Gate owners who have two or a double gate will have to get each gate its own operator. Each gate will have to have its own operator that is separate from the other. This makes it easier to operate the double gate.

Swing gate openers

Swing gate openers have to be durable and powerful in order to be able to swing gates that are heavy. The advantage of swing gates is that they are quiet while opening and are repaired less frequently. Swing gates have less parts that move compared to sliding gates. The only disadvantage of swing gates is that they occupy a large area, therefore inconvenient. An area where there is a slope is also inconvenient for a swing gate. Any gate and its opener should be convenient to fit the needs of every user. Swing gates are appropriate for residential homes, but for business use where they need to be opened frequently; heavy swing gates are considered.

Dual gate openers

The dual gate openers are designed in manner that they are able to handle large double gates. The double gates are large and heavy and not any gate opener can open. The dual gate openers are designed according to the dimensions of the gate; the larger the gate the larger the dual gate opener. This makes it convenient for the user because both gates are opened at the same time The dual gate openers can also open one gate at a time For more convince, the dual gate opener can be automated to make it easier for the user to open and close the gate during bad weather conditions without getting in the harsh weather.

Electricity powered gate openers
This gate opener can be either a dual or sliding gate opener. The opener uses electricity to power it. The gate opener is designed in a manner that is strong enough to move very heavy gates that are opened and closed frequently .A certain amount of electric voltage is needed to open the gate. It is important for a user to know the number of times the gate will be opened; so as to know the type of electric gate opener to be used and the amount of power to be used Electric gate openers are more convenient because they are used to move the heaviest gate either swing, sliding, or dual gates.

Solar powered gate openers
This kind of gate opener is not very different from electric gate openers. They perform the same purpose as electric gate openers, but the only difference is that they use solar energy. Solar gate openers come in handy in a place where electricity is unavailable or areas where there are electric problems. These gate openers are easy to maintain and less expensive to install. Solar gate openers can be of a great disadvantage in poor weather conditions. This is because they need solar in order to charge and be able to operate. Solar powered gate openers can help to save on electricity because they can perform the same task electric gate openers perform.

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